Our Services

A Machine with a Powerful "Engine" that Helps to Showcase the Musical Projects


We are able to create strong radio promotions in Italian radio and in UK radio. We also create important promotions in radios across Europe, in US, Canadian, South American, Australian and Asian radios with the guarantee of a real transmission of the single and with the guarantee of the entry in the music charts.


We promote video-clips through TV and through sending to Music Blogs.


We do great media work through the Media of the nations we operate. Thanks to the collaboration with professional interpreters we translate the press release in the language of the nation we want to make the promotion of the song involving as much as possible the national press in order to create more publications and possible interactions .


We take care of the artist's Social Networks in order to increase visitor traffic and their popularity.


Live is another important aspect for the promotion of a Single and/or an Album and professional growth. And it is for this reason that we propose the artist to Locations, Festivals etc. in order to be able to realize Live dates.


We carry out in a very short time the distribution of the Song or an EP on all the Digital Stores and Streaming platforms worldwide: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and many others, giving the opportunity to sell and monetize the music of all the artists and musical bands .


We create professional musical Video Clips for the artist thanks to the collaboration with important professionals in the sector. A professional video clip helps to get more interactions with users and with the media in general.


We promote YouTube Video through a unique and professional system. We create personalized newsletters to be sent to thousands and thousands of selected and verified mail contacts, in order to involve the real user to directly view the video on YouTube.


We can open in a short time a VEVO artist channel giving the opportunity to monetize the Video-clips.


We follow the artist throughout his promotional phase, suggesting the best paths to be taken and the best strategies to be adopted.


A team of experts in the field ready to help the artist in the best way in the case of contractual agreements to be taken or to be receded in them and/or in case of practices to be dealt with.


We carry out a support and assistance 24h and 7 days on 7.

Who We Are and What It Is

Genialsong is a group headed by Thomas Music & Art Ltd, a well-known British company that has been working in the music industry as a record company, artistic promotion, communication and event organization for several years. The company is managed by Thomas Aspidi, a young Italian boy with many years of experience in the sector. The headquarters are in the heart of London, a city considered by many to be the home of international music along with New York and Los Angeles. Genialsong is able to build the success of the artists by providing them with a whole range of professional music promotion services. A real musical promotion machine active in all European countries, as well as in South America, the United States, Canada, Australia and Asia. Attempts, hopes, dreams and the desire to make it are reflected in the motto “JUST BELIEVE“.

Our Team

A Team of Experienced and Dynamic People
Mr Thomas Aspidi

Mr Thomas Aspidi

Founder & CEO
Mrs Mary Anderson

Mrs Mary Anderson

Assistant Director & Marketing Specialist
Mr Enrico Nuti

Mr Enrico Nuti

Assistant Management, Radio & Video Promoter & Graphic Designer
Mrs Caterina Evans

Mrs Caterina Evans

Assistant Management, Radio & Video Promoter & Comunication Specialist
Mr Eddy Hughes

Mr Eddy Hughes

Commercial Department & Strategist Shows Organizer
Mr Sandro Ferrini

Mr Sandro Ferrini

Commercial Department, Marketing Specialist & Developer
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