Who We Are and What It Is

Genialsong is a group headed by Thomas Music & Art Ltd, a well-known British company that has been working in the music industry as a record company, artistic promotion, communication and event organization for several years. The company is managed by Thomas Aspidi, a young Italian boy with many years of experience in the sector. The headquarters are in the heart of London, a city considered by many to be the home of international music along with New York and Los Angeles. Genialsong, thanks to the collaboration with important partners in the sector, is able to build the success of the artists. A real musical promotion machine active in all European countries, as well as in South America, the United States, Canada, Australia and Asia. Genialsong wants to provide them with a whole range of professional music promotion services. Attempts, hopes, dreams and the desire to make it are reflected in the motto “JUST BELIEVE“.

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